EDIT: After some readers asked me, I wanted to clarify that despite the nice banner and the site’s name the information  below is valid for jailbreaking all the versions of Apple TV – 1 and 2 as well as (of course) Apple TV3.

Hey everyone!

If you have an Apple TV and have heard of jailbreaking – or even if you haven’t and want to know more about it – then the information I have is perfect for you. Below, you will find information about what a jailbroken Apple TV can do, as well as my best recommended Apple TV jailbreaks.

Apple TV Jailbreak Benefits

So basically, the Apple TV is powerful however it can be massively improved by jailbreaking the system.

If you do jailbreak ATV then you get:

  • XBMC which allows you access to numerous streaming sources and channels that you cannot use on a default ATV and, in fact, Apple have banned some of these sources from being displayed on normal Apple systems. You can even get rid of your cable package.
  • You can play AVI and MKV files
  • Ability to play files directly from a USB stick or an external hard drive
  • Use of a web browser on the Apple TV system
  • One click access to subtitles for thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Use of an app called RemoteHD to control your ATV from your iPhone or iPad device

This is just an overview of the numerous benefits and new features that you can get with a jailbroken Apple TV system. Instead of getting scammed online with fake services, I am going to show you some working and effective solutions for jailbreaking your Apple TV 1, 2 or 3 and getting immediate access to all of these great features. It works on all versions of the ATV operating system (iOS) and you also get access to jailbreaks for various other iDevices included in the cost – such as an iPhone or an iPad.

IMPORTANT: In the sites that I am going to show you will see that they are mostly aimed at jailbreaking iPhone’s however I can assure you that they offer jailbreaking for Apple TV 3. It is just a matter of finding the service on the site and on websites like iJailbreakPro.com you will see the option if you scroll down the page:

Apple TV img 1

What is The Jailbreaking Process?


In terms of difficulty, jailbreaking Apple TV is one of the easiest things to do as a consumer. When you sign up to one of the jailbreaking services all that is required is for you to install the software, hook up your ATV to your computer and leave it to jailbreak the system for you. It takes no time at all and the solutions that I am going to list for you have great customer support which will help you

I have to mention that you shouldn’t try and jailbreak Apple TV 3 all by yourself.  I thought that I could save some money by doing this and even though I am quite good with technology, I completely messed up my Apple TV system and needed a professional to sort the mess out. All the data on my system was wiped and this included my apps and I actually caused some permanent damage to the system. My advice is to use the solutions that I have put forward to ensure that you find a safe Apple TV 3 jailbreaking solution that is reliable and won’t harm your system.

My Top Software For Jailbreaking Apple TV

Here are the two best services that I have personally used to jailbreak ATV systems.

#1 – iJailbreak Pro – Fast, cheap and overall a fantastic service

There isn’t much to say about iJailbreak Pro other than they are absolutely fantastic for jailbreaking Apple TV 3. I was really apprehensive about using a jailbreaking service after the disaster of trying it myself however with the software these guys have, it took less than 5 minutes to complete the process and everything went smoothly.

I wasn’t too sure about jailbreaking the latest ATV iOS however they reassured me that everything could be reverted back to normal without any effort and since then I have used them to jailbreak older versions for my friends. They keep their jailbreaking software updated so that it is ready to jailbreak new iOS releases.

On top of this I even managed to get my iPhone jailbroken at the same time!

What really stood out for me was their customer support team. They were really responsive and answered all my questions (regardless of how basic or silly they probably were) in a polite and efficient manner. These guys really know their stuff.

Instead of being a scam service, I know that iJailbreak Pro actually care about their customers and want to make Apple products better for people and they certainly achieve this with their jailbreaking solution.

Overall I give iJailbreak Pro a 10/10 and you can find more information about them here.

#2 – Jailbreak Unlock – Working service but does have its drawbacks

The Jailbreak Unlock software does come with a money back guarantee and they do offer a working service for jailbreaking Apple TV 3 however I found that they were lacking in several key areas:

  • Unlike iJailbreak Pro their customer support team took ages to get back to me (over a day) and for me this was just too long. I can be patient but for such a straightforward service the response times really should be better.
  • It can also be quite difficult to find the ATV jailbreak option on their site. They have removed it from the main page and you can only access it via the member’s area. I want to have a jailbreaking solution for future iOS releases and I’m not sure if these guys will offer it.

Even though they do offer a working solution for jailbreaking Apple TV 3 I felt that they just let themselves down in some places. That being said, if iJailbreak Pro weren’t available then I would use these guys as my second choice and they are a 7/10. You can find Jailbreak Unlock here.

Summing Up…

In my experience these two services offer the best Apple TV jailbreaking solutions.

There might be more on the internet but I am confident in recommending these two and especially iJailbreak Pro for their customer support and overall solid service.

Since I have had my Apple TV 3 jailbroken I have saved money by cancelling my cable package, I can also browse the internet via my TV and the whole system is just much more functional and efficient as a result of a simple process.

I hope this review helps you and that you can experience all the great features that a jailbroken Apple TV has to offer.

Good Luck


Robbie Crowe


roku-3Which one has the best features? The coolest apps? There are four main contenders in the race for a little box of media tricks so we thought we would compare them all and see how the other three compare against Apple TV.

The four entrants to the race are ChromeCast, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV. These are only the tip of the iceberg, there are loads of different streaming boxes on the market but none with as much of the market share as these ones.

Each one costs less than $100 so price is not a huge issue here. What is at stake is what each one can do. This week we look at ChromeCast and Roku. The main big difference between either of these and Apple TV is the fact that you can jailbreak Apple TV – you can’t do that to any other box.

Roku – $49.99

Roku offers 3 variations – the Roku 1, 2 and 3. They also have a streaming stick, all of which vary in price from $49-99.

Roku offers more than 1700 apps with a library that has the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Hulu included.

You can plug your headphone jack into the remote control, which does make it easier to listen to whatever is streaming on the box at any one time. It also mutes the TV so other people can’t hear it.

It’s fast.

It has a cross platform search facility and it doesn’t push you in the direction of one specific app.

What it does not have is an equivalent service to AirPlay that the Apple TV has. Apple TV lets you use the apps that are on your tablet or your smartphone, even your computer, to stream stuff to Apple TV. That gets even better with the Apple TV jailbreak of course.

To play your personal media files you need Plex on the Roku box so you can’t just connect a hard drive that has all your files on it.

Google Chromecast – $35

Google Chromecast is the cheapest of all the boxes. It’s also the simplest and the smallest. Does that make it the best though?

Chromecast is nothing more than a dongle that plugs into your TV. There’s no remote with it though and, although it covers some of the major apps, it has limited content at the moment. More is being added as time goes by though.

What it doesn’t do is give you a user interface on your TV screen. You have to use either a smartphone or a tablet and that doesn’t always suit everyone. It also means that you have to mess around unlocking said smartphone or tablet every time you want to watch TV.

It doesn’t have, as we already said, a vast amount of app choice and obvious ones such as Vimeo, Spotify, Amazon Instant and a load of sports apps are simply not supported. It does have an SDK though so there may be on the way.

It doesn’t have cross platform search facilities and, although it has screen mirroring it is a bit hit and miss at times. Unfortunately, it will have a hard time competing with the likes of AirPlay on Apple TV although Google does say they are bringing improvements.

Its biggest downfall is the need for logging in every time you want to use it and it does need better than good Wi-Fi to work properly which doesn’t make it the ideal travel companion.

And, one more thing it can’t do is stream third party apps the way the Apple TV jailbreak lets you.

So, that’s the first two media boxes. Next week we will take a look at Fire TV from Amazon and the Apple TV before we sum up with our conclusions.


How Jailbreaking Affects Apple TV

by admin on September 12, 2014

Manage-ExtrasWe’ve all heard of jailbreaking and most of us know that we can do it on all iOS devices, including Apple TV. Jailbreaking is a wonderful way to allow modifications on your Apple TV and to allow you the opportunity to customize it how you see fit.

You can make sure that your Apple TV is unique, different from everyone else’s and something that all your mates want. However, there are a number of, shall we say, myths that surround jailbreaking and we aim to discuss them and put them to bed once and for all.

Overview of Jailbreaking

First up, the Apple TV jailbreak is all about removing the limits that Apple places on you and your iOS device. It works by way of installing a piece of software onto your device to gain access to the root operating system.

Once the software has been successfully installed, it is time to start modifying and customizing to your heart’s content. If you are new to jailbreaking, you have probably heard a number of rumors or statements about the process that might have stopped you from applying the software.

  • Jailbreaking Leaves your Apple TV Unsecure

Yes, there are those who say that, when you jailbreak Apple TV you remove all the security that Apple places around the firmware. This simply isn’t true. While the jailbreak software does indeed get past the security, it is only doing so through holes that Apple has left.

In fact, by jailbreaking your Apple TV you can make it stronger, more secure than it was before. There are loads of apps on the jailbreak store, Cydia, that help you to add extra layers of security to your Apple TV, more than Apple gives you.

  • Jailbreaking Stops You From Syncing With iTunes

Again, simply not true. You are perfectly at liberty to synchronize your Apple TV with iTunes and you can still do all your backups. What you will find is that your Apple TV jailbreak tweaks will not be backed up. And, if you need to restore your Apple TV for any reason then the jailbreak will be removed and you will have to apply it again.

  • Jailbreaking Stops you From Using the Official App Store

Yawn. Seriously, if we had a dollar for every time we heard this one, we would be multi-millionaires by now! The Apple TV jailbreak actually gives you much more freedom in terms of apps. As well as getting your jailbreak ones, you can also use official ones from the app store. Twice the fun!

The Apple TV jailbreak is nothing but good for your device. It allows you to add security. It allows you to use third party apps and components to make Apple TV more functional. It allows you to customize your Apple TV just the way you want it.

Provided you are careful when you choose the tweaks you want to download, you will not be inviting malware or viruses onto your Apple TV. The way to do this is check out reviews of each app or tweak before you download it. Alternatively, only download from trusted sources like BigBoss and ModMyi repositories.

  • But Apple Will Void My Warranty

They will but only if they know you have installed a jailbreak. The easiest way around that, if you have to take it in for repair, is to restore it through iTunes and remove the jailbreak. When you are done at the shop, all you have to do is install the Apple TV jailbreak again.


6 Good Reasons to Jailbreak Apple TV Today

by admin on September 7, 2014

maxresdefaultIt isn’t just hardened Apple fans who benefit from having the Apple TV in their homes. However, those who have it know that, when it comes to video streaming, it’s pretty useless. You could, if you wanted, hook up your laptop or desktop run iTunes and watch your iTunes content but, if you want to see a movie or TV show that isn’t on iTunes then you are stuck.

There is a way to change all that though with just one short painless procedure.

What Procedure?

It’s called jailbreaking. Many people associate jailbreaking with the iPhone or iPad but you can jailbreak Apple TV just as easily. If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, it is a way of accessing the root system of your iOS device and gaining full control over it.

Most people do this for the purposes of modification and customization. The same applies on the Apple TV. Apple TV is a very small UNIX computer that has an extremely powerful processor in it for graphics.

On its own, it is capable of streaming a number of formats but, with the Apple TV jailbreak, it’s capable of a whole lot more. Let’s take a look at just 6 reasons why you might want to jailbreak Apple TV today:

Customization – Add widgets, such as Weather and Slideshows to your Apple TV home screen. Change the settings; change the look, the color scheme, the theme, anything you can think of.

Media Content – Apple TV is the king of the pile when it comes to content but jailbreaking gives it so much more. Gain access to Hulu, ESPN, Amazon, Last.FM, PBS, Pandora, CBS, MTV, ABC and NBA to name just a tiny fraction.

XBMC – This is the main reason why people jailbreak their Apple TV. XBMC is the portal to untold amounts of content as well as themes, skins and plugins form hundreds of different developers. It’s one of the simplest programs to set up and it can change your Apple TV forever.

aTV Flash (Black) – If you get a little lost in setting up XBMC on your jailbroken Apple TV, don’t worry aTV Flash from FireCore does it all for you, installing the most common apps so you don’t have to go looking for them.

It does cost around $30 but that includes full support and a load of other utilities including one that will back up your settings to iCloud.

Remote HD – Why use the silly remote control Apple provides when you can use your iPad or iPhone as a remote control? Remote HD is a neat app that you can download from iTunes and it works perfectly well with a jailbroken Apple TV. Best of all, it’s free.

Web Browsing – When you jailbreak Apple TV you get to install a web kit browser. This means that you can browse your favorite websites on your large screen TV instead of your tablet or laptop.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV

If you have decided that you do want to jailbreak Apple TV then you’ve come to the right place. To perform the jailbreak you need:

  • iTunes – the latest version
    A laptop is easier but you can use a desktop as well
    Obviously, an Apple TV
    The jailbreak software – make sure you buy it from a reputable vendor
    Your Micro USB cable
    Apple TV Remote

Full instructions on how to install the software will be provided at the time of purchase. Note, we say purchase. There are places that advertise an Apple TV jailbreak free of charge. These are not genuine sites. Software takes time, effort and money to build so why would anybody give it away?

Use only trustworthy sources for your software and you won’t have any trouble at all.


With the improvement our lives became considerably more straightforward and simplified regarding performing most of our routine things and communicating. This involves Social networking, analyzing, function and more! This revolution was pushed forward mainly by two devices: later pc and mobile telephone. Handsets made our lives considerably better.

But there is also bullying and intimidation that happens, basically everywhere it is always present.

The research that was held the by Mc-Afee, as part of Nationwide Children’s Bureau and Anti-Bullying Alliance application found out that mod of the kids get being not unconscious of that. As a result children get exposed to occasionally dangerous and unfiltered content on the web.

Cyber bullying is when people mistreat each other – a result harassed and get broken via Web or other technology as, this includes (mobile phone texting). It is become quite common among teens in the past year or two.

Here is some data:

  • Very few parents are sure about their children’ protection online
  • 47% consider that their kids are intimidated online
  • 44% consider their kid is a cyber-bully
  • 2/3 of kids get on the web without any oversight
  • Even if 13 years age 3 9% of kids have social networking profiles have not been reached by they

More than go on the web from gaming consoles like X-Box and Playstation, 66% – 46% within their own area,. As said by the Newschopper- A third confess to not having had any dialogue with their kids about online security

With these amounts it is clear that you just should keep a watch in your own children’ internet activities. In addition, nearly all of the communication is done from cellphones, now it is completed on the web. Thus, a requirement of spying your kids’ cell phone activities appear.

  • Phonecalls with caller id, span and indepth time-stamps
  • Set in Actual time!
  • All out-going and in coming text messages
  • Record calls and program records, be sure your kids are where they should be.

By tracking kids’ mobile phones with the most recent mobile phone spy – you get the satisfaction that is entirely you wanted.


apple-tv-3-jailbreakI understand you’re all excited to learn when the Apple TV 3 is coming out or that a new team of devs have joined the efforts, and while we are all doing the best we can to deliver the great news when possible, the fact remains: you own an Apple TV 3. What exactly can you do with it? What could it be that it does significantly you’ve chosen to buy one of these, instead of a Roku? Or, if the choice to buy an ATV 3 was not yours and you have ended up owning one after Christmas or your last birthday, then at least you should know what are the great perks of owning Apple’s $99 content streaming apparatus.

Clearly, there’s like owning a jailbroken Apple TV 3 nothing better, but don’t lose hope. There’s still a lot of enjoyable things to do with your little device. First of all, there’s like installing a Bluetooth keyboard chatting, composing and even gaming on your HDTV stuff. Even home sharing is a good perk, particularly when it comes with your roommates’ girlfriends and they to Wednesday’s picture time or seeing that bad ass action movie as loud as potential in the comfort of the couch without the bother of wires and material. Oh, and let’s not forget you’ll be able to absolutely rip the Plex Connect’s gains, the Plex version and 2nd generation that doesn’t require a jailbreak.

You’d better start doing that just now, because the perks of using Apple TV is the type of experience that makes buying Apple apparatus so convincing, if you haven’t even bothered to set up your device. Using just a WiFi network (especially the same your ATV is currently connected to), AirPlay Mirroring transforms your HDTV into another display, making multitasking on your even iPod and iPad or iPhone hassle -free. Should youn’t learn how to set up AirPlay Mirroring browse the tutorial right here.

Given that you’ve got AirPlay Mirroring covered, it’s time to rip the advantages of owning an Apple TV 3 and a bad-ass HDTV (and 2). Whether it’s gaming, reading, trying to do some genuine work or browsing the web, in the event you ‘re looking at a long weekend on the couch, then for the comfort of your wrists and fingers, set up the Bluetooth keyboard. I’d say when you’re in for some late work, whether it is a deadline on a term paper or on that performance report it establishes of enormous utility. Use AirPlay Mirroring to connect your HDTV and iPhone, iPod and your iPad and then pair up your Apple TV with the Bluetooth keyboard. We’ve got a tutorial on that too!

Just lately, Plex has become an alternative to the much anticipated ATV 3 jailbreak. It is not exactly new to the jailbreak community, but the latest trick the Plex dev team has pulled off is introducing Plex as a whole new opportunity for accentuating the Apple TV experience. By using the Preview program and changing the DNS, in less than 2 minutes, you’re getting access to a lot of content that is new. The list of stations available on ATV 3 via PlexConnect is growing daily. As of now, these are following channels you’ll be able to run with Plex on your own ATV 3 without being required for a jailbreak: ABC, Crackle, Amusing or Die, History Channel, Icefilms, LetMeWatchThis, SSPlex, IMDB previews, Justin TV, NASA, National Geographic, NBC, PBS, TedTalks, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Twit TV, Ustream, Vimeo, YouTube, Navi-X, A&E, CBC News, CBS, Food Network, HGTV, The CW, The WB and Netflix.

Our guidance would be to give the user experience a try, although lots of people are arguing that’s not just enhancing it. You are not losing anything, only acquiring a fresh instrument to improve your multimedia content encounter, at least until we’ll announce the public launch of the ATV 3 jailbreak application. We published a tutorial on how to install Plex on Apple TV 2 and 3 some time ago and our writer is currently looking into your requests to make Plex work with a NAS instead of a MAC, in addition to a tutorial about how to install Plex with a PC on ATV3. There is also a troubleshooting series developing, so stay tuned and ask for help or report a problem via comments and we’ll try and answer as fast and as correctly as we can.


Apple TV has being around for several decades. However, very few people are aware of the gadget’s presence. This is because the small, stylish gadget doesn’t delight users with unlimited amounts of entertainment. In other words, Apple TV users will not be allowed to go beyond iTunes! You should download videos, movies, podcasts and audio files from the Apple iTunes Store. So, what would you do when you want something that is not present in the iTunes Store?

Jailbreaking is an interesting process that challenges Apple! A recent survey proved that Apple uses jailbreak software(s) and routines to identify their flaws. So, what is jailbreaking and why is it important?

What is Jailbreaking?

As suggested by its name, Jailbreaking will release you from Apple’s so-called-prison. The brand has drafted stern rules and regulations to control what enters into the iDevice. Thus, Apple users will not have the freedom to exploit through third party content. Conversely, you will not be able to enjoy the gadget’s flawless features, upright quality or supreme performance fully.

An Entertainment Box worth several thousands @ USD 99

The Apple TV has a splendid outlook. Its small screen and discreet sound system is worth several thousand dollars. However, at USD 99 the Apple TV 3 is a great buy. When you jailbreak the Apple TV, you will convert it into a real entertainment kit. It can be treated as a repository that merges NBA updates, ABC files, HULU movies, Amazon eBooks, ESPN sports, MTV music and Pandora animations. To be more precise, jailbroken Apple TV 3 will let you enjoy an unlimited world of entertainment.

A powerful remote control!

Have you ever tried tuning your Apple TV with alternate remote controls? By default, the original Apple TV has to be controlled using the remote provided with it! Nevertheless, the moment you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can use iPhones, iPads, iPods, MAC PCs and Apple Keyboards as a remote control. These gears are several light years ahead of Apple’s original remote.

Enhanced Connectivity!

Do you know that you can transfer files between the Apple TV and widescreen TVs? The original Apple TV allows users to send and receive files through iTunes. Thus, digital media that doesn’t support iTunes, will not accept content from your Apple TV. In such scenarios, you must jailbreak Apple TV 3. Jailbreaking will let you transfer data in a hassle free order. Moreover, you can access content from various media repositories. Thus, “Connectivity” is an ultimate by-product offered by jailbreaking.

A quick summary through the benefits of Jailbreaking

Finally, here is a quick review through the benefits of jailbreaking:

1)      When you Jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can access media files from third party sites and repositories.

2)      Jailbreaking will let you transfer and receive files from many media centers.

3)      The moment you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you will have complete control of your iDevice. You can use the gadget for a wide range of purposes.

4)      Jailbreaking will let you control the Apple TV from anywhere and through any means!


One of the things that frustrates many users of Apple TV 3 is the fact that playing super high quality HD files – normally associated with the .MKV fiel extensive is not supported as default. This is something that a lot of people thought Apple would address in the new releases of the iOS that runs ATV however it has not, as of yet, being looked at by the company.

However with a jailbreak for Apple TV 3 you can actually play these files and stream high quality high definition as standard which improves the whole experience of ATV. If you want to learn more than read on…

Jailbreaking Allows For .MKV Files

It is perhaps surprising that given how user friendly most Apple devices are that they haven’t went all out to please their customer base and allow for .MKV files to be played as standard on the device. A lot of people have been calling for this however so far Apple haven’t listened. This is certainly one of the reasons that jailbreaking has become so popular for the system. As people have been exploring the possibility of jailbreaking ATV 3 they realize that they can play HD as standard on a jailbroken device and it has grown in popularity since then.

Jailbreaking ATV 3 Is Safe

We should perhaps clarify this point a little bit first. If you use a service that specializes in providing a jailbreak for ATV 3 then yes it is very safe. However if you decide that you fancy doing this all by yourself then no, it isn’t safe. Many people think they can save a few dollars by jailbreaking on their own however more often than not what happens is that they damage their system and have to pay even more money to have it repaired. A disaster and one which can be easily avoided.

Jailbreaking ATV 3 Is Cheap

This is why jailbreaking is cheap. Services realize that many people want to have their ATV system jailbroken however they also know that they don’t want to pay high fees for the service. As a way to discourage people from jailbreaking themselves and therefore causing damage to their device they offer a cheap and quick jailbreak. The market for an ATV 3 jailbreak is huge so it is very much a system of offering a cheap jailbreak to a wide customer base as opposed to offering an expensive jailbreak to just a small group of people.

Jailbreaking Apple TV is certainly not something that the ordinary user can do by themselves and this is why we recommend using a service that can do it for you. It can be dangerous to your ATV 3 system to try and perform the jailbreak on your own however with a professional who knows that they are doing then it is easy to get a cheap jailbreak and have it completed in a very short space of time. You can then watch super HD quality TV shows and films as standard and improve the device as a whole.


If you wish to enjoy movies, videos, audio files and podcasts, the Apple TV 3 is certainly in your alley. Apple TV 3 is a small black box that makes entertainment portable. The gadget connects with many conventional gears like televisions, computers and laptops. Just like many other Apple products, the TV delights users with high quality features. Its sound system, small screen and vivid features will take you through cloud nine. However, techno geeks tend to jailbreak Apple TV 3. This is because jailbreaking takes the gadget to a whole new level. In this article, you will read about the benefits in Jailbreaking Apple TV 3.

A New era in Entertainment!

Technically, the Apple TV 3 allows users to send and receive media files from widescreen televisions and computers. When the device is connected to a Mac or desktop PC with iTunes, you can download files from iTunes. Apple users will certainly be familiar with iTunes. The digital media program comprises of many offerings like Netflix and YouTube. The program allows users to download media content in few clicks of a button. However, Apple does not allow users to download media files from third party sites/stores. This attributes to the need for jailbreaking. When you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can access content from iTunes Store and many other channels! This will increase your gadget’s functionality.

Access to a wide range of Applications!

Moving on, when you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you will have access to a wide range of applications. This will make your gadget a real entertainment box! You can enjoy media files from repositories like Hulu, ESPN, Vimeo, Amazon, Pandora, MTV, Last.fm, ABC, PBS, A&E, NBA and the list is remarkably endless. To be very honest, there is not much space to mention all the media service providers you can call upon after jailbreaking the Apple device. A Jailbroken Apple TV 3 would be several light years ahead the original USD 99 device.

Enhanced Connectivity

Moreover, jailbreaking will increase your gadget’s connectivity. You can use your iPods, iPhones and iPads as a remote control. The remote that comes with the original Apple TV 3 has restricted functionalities. It comprises of basic buttons and nominal features. On the other hand, if you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can consider other Apple gadgets as an efficient and alternate remote control. For instance, you can use an Apple Keyboard to type letters and accomplish searches in the Apple TV!

A Reversible Process

Jailbreaking is a straightforward process that is reversible. Thus, if you wish to restore Apple’s original features, you should upgrade the gadget through iTunes. Meanwhile, you should watch out for new jailbreaking routines and procedures. Up-to-date Jailbreak programs will definitely enhance your gadgets performance.

The Real benefits

The above mentioned benefits are “features” enjoyed by people who have jailbroken their Apple TVs. The list of benefits would differ from one person to another! Thus, you should jailbreak the gadget, to know more about its real time benefits.


Benefits of A Jailbroken Apple TV 3

by admin on June 25, 2014

The Apple TV is regarded as a “hobby” gadget rather than a mainstream television. When compared against the fame of iPods, iPads and iPhones, the Apple TV is nowhere. On the other hand, many people believe that the TV has several unforeseen benefits. It allows users to stream iTunes movies, NHL games, International TV shows and Netflix streaming. Nevertheless, if you wish to enjoy its benefits to the fullest, you must Jailbreak Apple TV 3. When the USD 99 box is jailbroken, you can enjoy bigger and better features. In this article, you will read about the benefits of jailbreaking an Apple TV.

Customizing Your Little TV

When you Jailbreak Apple TV 3, you customize it effortlessly. Many users dread the presence of stern rules and regulations. In most cases, users will not be allowed to change the brand’s default configurations. For example, the TV’s home screen cannot be modified or adjusted. This attributes to the need for jailbreaking. When you jailbreak the gadget, you can add, remove and configure the TV’s display. A jailbroken Apple TV will let you hide menus, install screen savers and add weather reports. These are special features that will make the gadget a lot more interesting.

Enjoying Several Thousand Channels

Many people believe that the Apple TV is the best gadget anyone could buy for media content.  At a nominal price of USD 99, the Apple TV is a sensational release. However, you should be ready to watch Apple authorized channels! Through the Apple TV 3, you can access media content from Vimeo, iTunes, YouTube, AirPlay, AirPlay mirroring, Netflix, NHL, NBA and few more channels. Nevertheless, the moment you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you will have the wit to widen your horizons. Jailbreaking will open up a new passage to media. You will be able to access several thousand channels like Hulu, Pandora, CBS, Amazon, ESPN and MTV!

A Brand New Portal

The jailbroken TV requires XBMC. This is a unique portal that allows users to access the above-mentioned content. Unlike conventional Apple platforms, XBMC has customizable themes, additional plugins, lots of room for foreign media and a special Apple outlook.  Techno geeks consider the XBMC as a portal of indispensible wealth. It is a sturdy method to integrate unlimited media with the Apple’s unique interface. In simpler words, you can retain the gadget’s original look and feel, even after jailbreaking it.

Using A Special Remote

Finally, when you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can enjoy remote HD! The process of controlling your Apple TV with the iPod, iPhone and iPad makes sense. However, the best way to experience lots of outputs from your TV would be through Remote HD! Techno geeks believe that Remote HD is several light years ahead of Apple’s original release. Moreover, it is much better than any Apple remote!

Ultimate Bottom Line

The Apple TV 3 is a new entry into Apple’s prestigious family. Just like many other Apple devices, you should jailbreak Apple TV 3, to experiment its actual power!


XBMC Is Not The Only Reason To Jailbreak ATV 3

June 12, 2014

No doubt if you have looked into jailbreaking the Apple TV 3 system then you will have comes across the acronym XBMC. The open source media player allows you to do a lot of things that a normal Apple TV 3 doesn’t such as stream live TV and premium content as well as have many moves […]

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